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The Engineering of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal

Before the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® can be made available, various questions with regard to the hardware, software and the runtime environment have to be cleared up.

In place, the most important questions are briefly answered.


The Fasihi Enterprise Portal® was developed in the object-oriented programming language JAVA. JAVA offers a solid standard which will also endure in the future.

JAVA programs are translated in byte codes and then run in a special environment, the so-called JAVA-runtime environment or JAVA-platform. This environment can be made available in various operating systems.

CPU, RAM and Co.

The hardware requirements for using the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® are very low. It doesn't matter whether the CPU will be from Intel, AMD or SPARC. Also the RAM usage is very effective and a portal which is used in a normal way can get along with 512 MC.

According to its requirements, the hardware should be scalable. Thus, the portal can for instance run on a 64 bits system providing a RAM of four or more gigabites.

Our product can be used on various operating systems such as Debian Linux, Suse Linux, SUN Solaris or other distributions like Microsoft Windows Server 2003. For this purpose you need a runtime environment for JAVA as well as a web server.

We preferentially use Apache web servers and Apache Tomcat.

A portal internal data bank as well as other components like a search engine are already included in the portal and don't have to be installed separately.




Are you interested in our Software Solutions or in the Fasihi Enterprise Portal®? We look forward to you contacting us.

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