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Security on the Fasihi Enterprise Portal

The subject of security is especially a top priority with sensible data. Our product provides a widely varied range of mechanisms and functions to protect you from any  data loss and/or unauthorized access.  However, we cannot only protect your data on the portal, but also delimit functions accordingly. 


If a user calls data from the portal, these data must be transported from the portal server to the user via the network. 

During the entire transmission,  this transport can be encrypted with the hybrid encryption protocol Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The application of SSL will be supported by all the current browsers. For the user himself/herself, no further action will be required. The SSL connection will be automatically set up. 


Users, rolls, policies and authorization gradings...

...all this is possible. You can create users or go back to an existing user pool within the company-owned LDAP. You are able to add these users manually to self-defined roles or you may initiate that this task will be carried out automatically via filter (for instance according to the organisation unit or enterprise).

You are able to authorize single or combined users and/or roles for objects (directories, files, news, etc.) or you may exclude them. For the allocation of rights you can choose various gradings from "read" to "admin". Thus, you are able to control the display and access for each user and to initiate the creation of a personalized display.

Even the functions (who may do what?...) can be controlled in every detail via policies. For instance, you can forbid certain editors to create an event or you can delimit a user to such an extent that he may indeed be allowed to create directories, but that he won't be allowed to assign keywords to them.

All these combinations make the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® an especially flexible and secure portal.

Backup & Co.   

In principle, the data of a portal will be secured. This is carried out in two ways. On the one hand via redundant data onto two hard disks via RAID 1(Mirror) and on the other hand, data will be copied at regular intervals onto a RAID 5 backup system depending on its service level. By agreement, these data will be made available for a specific period of time even afterwards - for example for seven days or one month. 

For the intra-portal protection there exists a trash function. After the deletion of a file, it will be relocated into the trash and stay there for a specific time. The user himself/herself can restore this file, without having to engage the support,  if he/she possesses the respective rights.

Thus, the data will be very well protected against loss.

However,  an individual adaptation of backups is possible.



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