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Video Streaming

WEB onSTREAM – the Server for Video Streaming

Perfect Live Streaming

Your business platform is a place where you want to show more than just static content? Your videos deserve high transmission quality and performance?
You wish to address your target groups without being dependent on their terminal equipment?

We have the right solution for you: Our streaming server WEB onSTREAM broadcasts all your contents even to large user circles!

User Independence from Terminal Equipment

According to the bandwidth of the wire, up to 2,500 users can watch a video at the same time!

Your users and visitors may watch the videos made available by you in a most convenient way, directly in the content of the platform.

The system will recognize the respective video player and make the video available accordingly. So, Flash will be used if it has been installed on the Client, and for other devices, such as iPad or iPhone, the video will be made available in HTML5 format.

User Independence with Regard to the Upload Format

You can easily upload your video via Drag & Drop Upload – the conversion will be carried out automatically by the system.

The system processes any common formats, such as flv, mpg, mp4, wmv, avi, mov, and much more. It provides the video as iFrame-Code for the embedding into external pages, direct link and mp4 link.

Scalable, Performant and State-Of-The-Art

By using the HTTP Pseudo Streaming only small amounts of data packets will be delivered all the time, and, that way, an optimal scaling for WEB onSTREAM will be achieved as well as a most convincing high performance. Loading times will be decreased. WEB onSTREAM uses state-of-the-art codecs (H.264 and AAC) for both video and audio, providing you with a future-oriented streaming solution, where you may even implement future formats such as H.265 easily and promptly.

A fine-grained analysis of the use of the videos is possible via our Intrasystem Statistic.

Perfect Display and Fast Retrieval

Besides providing a complete overview of all the videos available, the homepage provides extensive filter and search functionalities. It interacts with the integrated attribution of the videos, in order that relevant streams will be quickly and purposefully retrieved. In addition to providing a detailed view with extensive information on the content, WEB on STREAM also offers a share and comment function

Also Suitable for Videos with Strictly Confidential Content

It goes without saying that the User and Rights Management as well as the Encryption Technology will apply for any videos being streamed. This enables you to make videos available in a personalized form to a restricted user circle, and, if required, these videos can even be encrypted, for instance, if they are classified “strictly confidential”.

Very Easy Handling Within the Administration

It’s you who decides what is to be displayed. Once the video has been put into the system, you can make the settings for the thumbnail and the full-screen mode, and define the channel (mono/stereo) as well as the full-screen mode. Because of these presets, you don’t need any prior knowledge of this matter!

Your Fields of Application

  • Image videos
  • Advert clips
  • E-Learning videos and tutorials
  • Recordings of company events, lectures, interviews and other events
  • And much else
  • Prompting efficiency controls, following the implementation of various measures (such as further education, etc.), including automatic notifications to responsible persons.
  • Documentation of the results and the status by the coordinating authority, for instance, the quality assurance representative.
  • Veranlassung einer Wirksamkeitskontrolle im Anschluss an eine Maßnahme (z.B. Weiterbildung etc.) inkl. automatischer Benachrichtigung an zuständige Personen
  • Dokumentation des Ergebnisses und des Status durch die koordinierende Stelle, z.B. den Qualitätsbeauftragten

WEB onSTREAM is available as additional module for all solutions, based on the Fasihi Enterprise Portal

In this way, your videos will be shown off to their best advantage!



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