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Instruction System

Instruction System

Centralized Workflow-Controlled Instruction

The 3-step and workflow-controlled Instruction System is directly integrated into the subjacent Document Management System. So you will achieve a 360-degree-management for your documents requiring instruction, as your directives will

  • be categorized and stored in a central place,
  • systematically reach your staff in electronic form,
  • and the system will automatically document when your staff has been instructed.

Thus, you will be independent of varying attendance times caused by shift operation, holidays, illness and different locations of plants.

Intelligent Functions for Your Instructions

User and Group-Specific Instructions

Each document may be instructed separately with only a few mouse-clicks, for example for a specific shift or shop floor.

Setting Priorities by a Three-Step System

Not all documents are of high relevance. Therefore, the integrated option for differentiating between different priority levels provides you with an optimum information control:

  • Instruction as mere information obligation (without response by those being instructed)
  • Instruction with the obligation to read
  • Instruction with a comprehension test

Reader’s Corner

The very centerpiece of the Instruction System is the Reader’s Corner, providing a personalized view to all your staff of those documents which have still to be read. After having taken notice of those documents with a read obligation, your staff’s confirmation will be stored within the system and the document will be removed from the Reader’s Corner.

Comprehension Tests and Deadlines for Reading

For exceptionally critical information you may integrate randomized comprehension test, which has to be carried out correctly by your staff. Otherwise, the document will remain in their Reader’s Corner until the questions are answered correctly. If you set a deadline for reading to the document, the system will inform the initiator before the expiry date. Thus, the initiator may control the status of the Reader’s Corner and remind the corresponding staff at the touch of a button, if necessary.

Recurring Instructions and Specific Resubmissions at the Push of a Button

Documents which are valid for the long term can be resubmitted in predefined time intervals. Should you have the impression that individual people or shifts haven’t understood the provided guidelines, you may resubmit the correspondent document to specific users or groups.

Fine-Grained Reports

The system provides extensive possibilities for reporting on the read status of a document:

  • Who has already read the document and when did they read it? Who hasn’t read it yet?
  • Who has not answered the questions correctly?
  • Who has not met the deadline for reading? etc.

Time Management by Using the Instruction Calendar

The Instruction Calendar which can be found in the admin area shows you all those documents which must be instructed throughout the year. Thus, you may coordinate and control your instructions in a much better way.

Your Benefits

  • Being informed in 5 minutes time: It will not take more than 5 minutes a day for your employees to log in and being informed optimally!
  • In Accordance with Legal Regulations: Thus, you will fulfill your legal obligation to inform your staff in a very time efficient way and guarantee perfect instruction!
  • Preventing Stress: By the three-step user and rights-based information control, you will prevent any overloading of your staff with non-relevant information and make sure, however, that they will safely find their contents!

In this way, you will have a perfectly instructed production team!



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Legal Relevance

According to the German Occupational Safety and Health Act ArbSchG §12 and Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health ung BetrSichV §9, employers have the obligation to instruct employees about work equipment and potential risks associated with their work early and adequately.

Special instructions must be carried out, for instance, for repair and maintenance work and renovations.