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Shift Scheduler

Shift Scheduler

Perfectly Staffed Shifts

By using the Shift Scheduler you can staff your shifts, with only a few mouse clicks, considering all relevant outline data and influential factors, such as:

  • Minimum manning level with or without foreman
  • Shifts rhythm with rest periods
  • Times of absence etc.

Comprehensive Scheduling Functions and Views

Staffing Plan

There are several impacts that may make shift workers unavailable, e.g. illness, holiday, just as internal events or the assignment of special tasks or projects. The Shift Scheduler therefore allows to categorize absence so that you can see the availability at a glance of each employee and calculate with actual presence numbers. This makes shift planning and assigning news tasks much easier.

Holiday Plan

This view automatically collocates taken and untaken holidays for the individual workers on an annual basis. Thus, you are able to optimally coordinate holidays within shifts which require a minimum manning level.

Non-Working Shifts

This view provides the logical complement of the staffing plan and allows you to comprehend at a glance which workers of a shift are absent and which of them are present. If one shift is poorly manned and does not meet the minimum manning level requirements, the shift scheduler point it out by colour-coding. Spare yourself cumbersome recalculating!

„My Shifts"

Of course the software compresses all entries for each shift worker in a personal view called „My Shifts„. This view corresponds to a digital workplace in the production department.

Administration Interface

With the administration interface, which is used quite intuitively, you may set all parameters needed for each shift very easily and quickly. Parameters may be administrated in separate calendars per shift (e.g. professional training) or overlapping the single calendars (e.g. holidays or corporate events). For visualizing means, shifts and calendar entries can be colour-coded.

Calendar-Overlapping Events

Besides making use of the occupancy plan, it is possible to maintain events which are relevant for all shifts. Such events can be: stopping operating procedures within the plant, trainings within the plant, revisions, holiday periods etc. Similar events can be summarized in categories, which can be flipped open and closed again within the calendar. Thus, you will achieve a better and clearer display of all the events. Days which are occupied will be highlighted in colour. This enables you to view at a glance when specific events will take place. Moreover, it is possible to create templates for recurrent events. In this way, you can avoid doing any work twice.

Answers to Your Queries at a Glance

  • How does the shift rhythm look like?
  • When is it impossible to make any shift planning for staff because of vocational school, further training or any important internal tasks?
  • Is there enough staff to guarantee the minimum manning level for a shift?
  • How many days of leave have staff already taken and how many days are left?
  • Which dates have to be taken notice of, as bank holidays, company events, etc.?

In this way, you will plan your shifts optimally!



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Worth Knowing

By using the Shift Scheduler there are no limits with regard to the shift planning and its layout! The tool is absolutely efficient!