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Shift Report

Shift Report: Extended Shift Log Book

Efficiency by Electronic Shift Handover

In companies with multi-shift operations communication across shifts is usually difficult to organize. Mostly, there is only a very reduced timespan for handing over the shifts.

If you wish to guarantee a smooth production process and keep the quality of your products constant, it is essential to fully document and pass on any information on incidents arisen during shifts.

The shift log book provides you with a logbook in real-time and informs you about any incidents occurred in the plant or corporate division. The shift log book will be updated every 30 seconds, so that staff members can always see important messages immediately while passing the respective monitors! For even simpler processes, it is possible to link the system to the shift scheduler.

Functions for Perfect Shift Handover

Initializing Shift Handover

When starting the shift, you have to open a new dataset for the handover (=report) containing all relevant basis information on the shift and its crew, such as staff present and their functions (shift foreman, first aider, etc.)

Reporting and Verifying

Depending on the rights and roles your staff members may now create messages and gather data based on an easily comprehensible and clearly structured entry mask.

  • Priority of the message
  • Informational purpose either shift-relevant message or instruction across shifts
  • Position/location together with corresponding command structure
  • Categorization of the message (e.g. service, repair etc.)
  • File attachments via drag & drop (photos, screenshots, site plans etc.)

Holistic Collection of Information via Instructions across Shifts

For their work processes, shifts often also require information of external offices or of those across shifts, such as laboratories, development, management etc. These groups can be saved as external ones within the system, and they may then enter instructions across shifts. After their completion, these instructions will be highlighted as executed.

Maximum Clarity: Archive, Filter and Export

All tasks and editing steps will be logged. Via the integrated traffic light function you can easily see the respective status of each task. Completed reports will directly go to the archive. Messages that have been created once can be searched for in a structured way and they may be filtered. Then, the result, as well as the entire shift report, can be exported as pdf-file.

Administration Options for More Flexibility and Individuality:

For displaying corporate structures in a more individual manner, system administrators may define the corresponding parameters via the front-end:

  • Group and Shifts
  • Key functions of shifts
  • Corporate structure for assigning the message to the corresponding area
  • Categories
  • External groups

More than Simply Being a Protocol Tool

By using the shift report you assure that incidents will be gathered in a structured way, documented and evaluated accordingly. This again will help you to maintain the quality of your production.

In this way, you will guarantee an efficient and user-friendly shift handover!



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Worth Knowing

By using the Shift Log Book you will prevent any information from passing unnoticed and guarantee and optimal electronic shift handover!