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Resource Scheduler

Resource Scheduler

Each Resource Being Available Where It’s Required…

Maximum Clarity for Management

The Resource Scheduler enables you to manage the availability of shared resources, such as cars or electronic equipment, in a central place. A resource will be created for each object and defined in colour.

Create the display of your resource scheduler individually – depending on your requirements:

  • One separate calendar per resource
  • One shared calendar for all resources
  • Preselection of displayed resources within the calendar
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly overviews

Fineness for more comfort

With regard to resources which are very scarce, such as rooms and motor vehicles, it is advisable to prohibit any direct bookings. In such cases a release process can be easily implemented.

Moreover, individual persons can receive automated e-mail confirmations for their resource bookings.

In this way, you will ensure an optimum usage of shared resources!



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Worth Knowing

There are many potential applications for the Resource Scheduler: For instance, you can coordinate things which are used by multiple persons or plants which have to undergo regular maintenance cycles:

  • Fleet
  • Keys and tokens
  • Car parks and driveways
  • Conference rooms
  • Notebooks, projectors
  • Machines etc.