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Material and Hazardous Substances Database

Safe Handling of Hazardous Substances

The Material and Hazardous Substances Database provides you with a search system where you may collect information on dangerous substances and other materials, and then make it available in a neatly arranged form.

Important Data at a Glance

Easily gather the following information for each hazardous substance or material:

  • R-phrases for giving information on specific risks concerning dangerous substances
  • H-phrases for describing hazards, originating from chemical substances and preparations
  • CAS numbers
  • Material properties, such as density, dangerous goods class, substance number etc.
  • Classification and labelling, such as dangerous substances directives and dangerous goods indicator
  • Protective equipment according to Ordinance on Hazardous Substances § 14
  • Documents, such as directives, instructions, etc.

Quick Gathering of Essential Data

Information can be gathered in a most easily remembered way and through eye-catching pictograms, images and signal words. Thus, you do not have to read any lengthy texts in order to be fully informed on materials and hazardous substances. Thanks to intelligent search functions, you can find the required substance quickly and easily, even with large databases.

User-Friendly Administration

The compiling of a new substance is carried out based on the stored catalogue of data sets, and it only requires a few mouse clicks. Documents can be easily attached via drag & drop upload. Thus, you do not need any specific IT knowledge for administrating the database!

In this way, your staff will be informed conformable to law with minimal effort!



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Legal Relevance

The classification and labelling of substances is regulated by the Ordinance (EG) No. 1272/2008; protective measures must be carried out according to GefStoffV §§8-12 . §14 regulates the provision of information on substances, inclusive of possible health risks, protective equipment, safety data sheets etc. Explicitly mentioned herein is also the employer's obligation to provide this information in a form and language which employees can easily understand.