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CIP – Continuous Improvement Processes

Managing Optimization Processes Perfectly

Phase 1: Plan

By defining clear areas of competence and through controlled processes, you will not only optimize processes sustainably, but also economically adequate.

The integrated workflow will guide you conveniently through all the individual steps of the planning phase:

  • Submitting the proposal and describing the waste: Submit your proposal within the shortest time and categorize it according to its optimization potential, for instance, in the field of energy efficiency, transport, environment etc. The system will automatically assign a clearly-defined CIP-ID. Competences will be assigned from the beginning by named control and expert teams.
  • Evaluating priorities and defining processes: The control system defines priorities and further procedures. The evaluation and assignment can be made easily and intuitively through predefined queries and by making a few mouse clicks only.
  • Preparing and submitting action plans: By using the integrated task management, expert teams will work out the necessary tasks for fixing specific issues, they will assign these tasks and set deadlines for their completion. The assigned persons will automatically be informed via e-mail. When the action plan has been completed, it will be submitted again.
  • Giving feedback – evaluating action plans: First, the automatic workflow asks the assigned experts (teams) to take a vote on the submitted action plan, then, the control team will be asked to make their decision. After its release, the individual steps of the action plan will be authorized for their implementation.

Phase 2: Do

By using the integrated task management you will be able to monitor the tasks and control their implementation in a central place, and, thus, create transparency.

After all staff members have carried out their individual tasks, the control team will be informed again.

Phase 3: Check

What are the savings? The success of proposals that have been carried out will be measured according to their monetary benefit.

Then, you can make an economic feasibility study by comparing your costs and benefits.

Phase 4: Act

WEB in FACTORY provides various options for the publication of the process, which can be used individually.

Thus, the standardizing of already implemented suggestions can be carried out by using the integrated web document management and instruction system. Regular revisions can be controlled by using the audit calendar, including action tracking and efficiency control.

Your Benefits

With the CIP module a sophisticated tool is made at your disposal for making sustainable use of optimization proposals according to the CIP philosophy.

  • Conserving resources
  • Optimizing processes
  • Refining processes
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Initiating and implementing innovation
  • Shaping corporate culture
  • Inspiring creativity
  • Motivating staff members

Optimization in Accordance with CIP

The integrated Phase Module guarantees that individual steps will be run through consequently, which will then result in a well-structured improvement process.

Defined competencies and automatic workflows guarantee that proposals will be noticed.

Through the allocation of tasks for individual working steps and by carrying out intermediate checkings, WEB inFACTORY guarantees for a continuous improvement within the team in accordance with the CIP philosophy.

A specially defined control team will be responsible for ensuring sustainability.

A holistic view with respect to the processed proposals will lead to the best result possible.

In this way, by a sustainable improvement strategy, you’ll secure yourself valuable competitive advantage!



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Worth Knowing

CIP represents a philosophy pervading the entire company. The continuous improvement process will be divided into small steps, in an instrumentalized form, with clearly defined responsibilities to secure a successful realization.