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Contacts and Contact Partners

Contacts and Contact Partners: Staff Lists

Immediately Available

Especially in large plants, individual staff members can not necessarily always memorize the contact data of their colleagues.

The system provides them with diverse lists of contact partners, in order to avoid any printouts, which would be critical in respect to data security.

  • Contact partners with business cards
  • Single lists with corporate division codes
  • Graphically prepared lists with photos of persons
  • Lists with search function, according to departments and copy function for mail addresses
  • Lists with multiple search functions, e.g. according to responsibilities, contact partners by groups etc.

Thus, you can provide role-based contacts for individual staff members within your company, which they can locate purposefully and quickly. Of course, you may also create contact data of external partners.

Extended Options: Yellow Pages

The module enables you to carry out a categorized search for persons, based on specific features. This way, you’ll easily get an overview of those persons providing the requested services or products within your organization, and the names of contact partners who are competent for specific issues.

The search result will display the contacts applying to your search criteria. By clicking on the corresponding name, you’ll get the entire display of the user’s business card.

Within the administration area, you can easily maintain those functions according to which the search is to be carried out and assign them to the respective persons.

Data Protection Directive

It goes without saying that you can attach images of persons to staff profiles. However, their publication can only be carried out if staff members have given their consent to it.

Moreover, the publication of any contact data will be controlled by the fine-grained rights management. Thus, each staff member will only have access to those contact data of other staff for which they possess the corresponding rights.

However, it is possible to synchronize personal data with corporate data bases (such as LDAP).

In this way, you will guarantee short communication channels!



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Worth Knowing

The Staff List is automatically generated from the user master data of the system. No additional effort is necessary for maintenance and control. Thus, employee data can immediately be updated when employees change departments.