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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Perfectly Guided Through the Process

Step 1: User-Friendly Recording of Hazardous Situations

Report identified hazardous situations or environments by using the uncomplicated and effective entry mask. By making a few mouse clicks only, you can quickly categorize the hazards after entering them, assign and describe hazard factors. Furthermore, you may define whether any action is required. With equal ease, documents and pictures can be attached via drag & drop upload.

The system assigns a unique ID to the submitted risk assessment and automatically generates a task in the central task management.

Step 2: Prioritizing and Defining Procedures

Via Mail, the integrated workflow asks the process control team for a priority level, which will decide the fundamental course of action. In the case of any further action, the process control team has to assign responsible groups for analyzing the situation.

This assures that the entire aspects and error sources related to the hazard will be registered before working out a concrete catalogue of measures.

Step 3: Specifying Responsibilities Professionally

In the case of a positive outcome, a control team will initiate the implementation and entrust workers with the task to work out suitable catalogues of measure. In this way, the responsibilities will be clearly defined.

Step 4: Creating and Implementing Action Plans Intelligently and Reliably

On the basis of the intelligent task management your workers can easily and intuitively specify the individual measures with regard to the specified topic. The persons assigned with the specific tasks, will be notified automatically by the system via e-mail.

Step 5: Approving and Completing Risk Assessments Cautiously

At the time of the final release, the process additionally asks for the creation of a directive and allows you to define the measures for resubmission.

Your Benefits:

  • Systematic control of risk assessments: Clear responsibilities, automatic workflows and a central control team guarantee the completion of the risk assessment process.
  • Clear assignment to prevent uncontrolled growth: Classifying the various risks in categories (e.g. plants or types of risks) and assigning them hazard factors (e.g. mechanical and electrical hazards, physical stress) will allow for a systematic overview and granular analyses at a later date.
  • Maximum transparency: Centralized acquisition and categorization will create the best insight into potential dangers and guarantee their efficient removal.
  • On the safe side: By using the automatically structured documentation, your measures of risk assessment will also stand audits and effectively protect you against claims to recourse.

Consequent Action Tracking...

The system will automatically display the specified measures in the Central Task Management. In this way, you guarantee that no tasks will be ignored and that they can be supervised by higher ranks.

... And Consequent Follow-Up.

By additionally integrating Corporate Qualification Matrix and Audit Management, Risk Assessment will become a closed circuit of processes, which will be integrated into the entire processes of the plant, instead of being treated as an isolated topic.

In this way, you will have your risks under control!



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Legal Relevance

Several legal regulations define and regulate the Risk Assessment in companies, among others

  • ArbSchG §§5 und 6
  • BetrSichV §3
  • GefStoffV §6
  • BetrVG §§89, 90