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Incident and Accident Database

Incident and Accident Database

Providing Transparency on Incidents

No matter whether your industrial plant has been highly protected by experts, dangerous situations or even accidents occur from time to time, which sometimes are subject to registration. It is our aim to help prevent such situations.

The Incident and Accident Database provides you with a centralized management platform for gathering all these incidents together as well as any relevant data with regard to them in a well-structured way, and to evaluate them afterwards.

Powerful Functions for Each Case

Perfect Data Gathering

The database enables you to gather any incident data quickly and clearly recognizable in order to get the best possible overview and an optimal evaluation of the incident:

  • Date
  • Location and Plant
  • Category (e.g. reportable environmental incident, commuting accident, accident at work and visit to the doctor, near-accident etc.)
  • Danger potential (e.g. low, medium, high)
  • Description of the circumstances of the accident, consequences of the accident etc.

The fields can be filled with predefined values (only exception: description field for describing the circumstances of the accident). Thus, the data gathering of the accident will be accelerated and their evaluation will deliver the best results.

Detailed Evaluation in Table and Graphic Form

Various filtering and export possibilities are made available for getting an optimal insight into the evaluation:

  • Combined filtering possibilities of registered results
  • Highlighting of information within the filter view
  • Displaying results in table or graphic form
  • Mail dispatch of statistics directly from the system at the touch of a button
  • Export as PDF file, table or PowerPoint format

The Answer to Your Questions

A perfect registration of unintended incidents and accidents makes it easier for you to trace reports afterwards, present them on request, and avoid them in the long run.

  • Where do accidents become more frequent?
  • Where do most accidents with high hazard potential occur?
  • How often have doctors to be called in? etc.

In this way, the structuring of your incidents will be transparent and lost time injuries avoided!



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Legal Relevance

According to the Ordinance of Industrial Safety and Health BetrSichV §18, the operator must report to the competent authority any accidents involving injuries as well as possible events of damage.