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Administration Tools

Approval Support - Keep it simple

In order to avoid generating unnecessary effort, it is not essential for each single page to run through an authorization process. However, a function is made at your disposal - similar to the link checker - enabling you, as the administrator, to keep track of portal contents or even of corporate identity guidelines. Thus, you may verify which pages have not been checked yet for content and layout, respectively which ones have been revised since your last check.

Monitoring the change of access rights in case of department changes

This tool enables you to see at a glance, which users have lost their roles  based on department changes. This, is particularly important with dynamic roles, that is to say those roles which are linked, for instance, to specific departments or sites. If  users change departments, possibly their roles, as well as the rights related to them, will change too. 

The monitoring module supports administrators in order to guarantee that this automatism will prevent any unwanted effects. You, as an administrator, may easily and quickly restore rights when needed because of the straightforward user interface. In addition, you will get specific information on why the role has been lost.


The portal statistic enables you to evaluate page views (access on portal pages), visits and users (number of various users) within a defined time span. Based on the visitor behaviour of your staff or departments, the statistic will help you to adjust your structuring and contents optimally.

Moreover, you may evaluate the proportion of internal and external (those not logged on) users on publicly accessible pages.

Link Checker

Inoperable portal links stored in documents can be easily filtered at the touch of a button. This will support you, as the administrator of the portal, to keep it always up to date. This applies to internal links on the portal and links to external contents. You may of course predefine in which documents and directories the link checker should carry out a search.

Offline Export

You, as the administrator, may export selected files of your portal presence together with their file structure as html pages. Thus, web contents can also be presented or locally archived even without a network connection.

ID Checking of Files

By using the ID check for files, you will find files on the portal in next to no time based on their definite ID. The search applies to both file ID or directory ID. The search result will provide a target path, a parent directory and link to the respective file. By making a mouse click on the specific link, you will directly get to the position on the portal where the file is stored.

Thus, you will always keep track of everything!



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