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Frequently Asked Questions About Fasihi Enterprise Portal®

Our FAQ section helps you find answers to your questions about the Fasihi Enterprise Portal®. There, you will get an overview of frequently occuring questions.

The FAQ section is divided into the following chapters:


The Fasihi Enterprise Portal® is an up-to-date and trend-setting tool which will assist you in various ways. By using the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® you can optimize your communication, display business processes and manage all your data online. Enjoy the advantages of a personalized data retrieval.

An enormous additional value will be provided not only by the variety of functions and modules but also by its easy operation and minimum training effort as well as by its security aspects. Because of its high flexibility and scalability, the portal can also be used for mergers and acquisitions. The portal will be expanding together with your enterprise!

The modules and functions of the Fasihi Enterprise Portal® can essentially be divided into five categories.

They support the optimization process and lead to the personalized workplace in the company.


Modules and Functions of the Fasihi Enterprise Portals:

Our customers are individuals, groups and enterprises who not only use their web presence as an information and communication platform but also as a working platform.

Wherever you are: You can do your daily work if you have access to the internet and to a browser. This refers to e-mails, the calendar, data as well as to the communication with customers, partners, suppliers and it even refers to decision-making processes.

That's why everyone is welcome to Fasihi - whether it  concerns individuals, workshops, educational institutes, small firms, small and medium-sized enterprises or major enterprises. We will provide the corresponding scalable solution for everyone.

Small and medium-sized enterprises also ask this question. That's why the well-known magazine Computerwoche wrote and published an article with regard to this topic in 2008. Read how we are recommended by this independent technical magazine: 

Article by Computerwoche  

Reasons for using the Fasihi Enterprise Portal®:

  • Our solution is quick, user-friendly, flexible and with regard to the final price, it is even much cheaper  than the competing products of well-known suppliers.
  • The product was entirely developed by the Fasihi GmbH and it is optimized with respect to each customer's requirements. Therefore, for us it is self-evident that customer-specific modifications of available functions and modules or even additional developments which can be perfectly adapted to what's already available are feasible.
  • Because of its close contact to the users, the Fasihi GmbH can directly react upon customer feedback and implement new features required by them.
  • The portal doesn't represent a mass product, which for instance is pre-installed in a web hosting package and which is not customized. Our portal will be adapted customer-focused (e.g. with regard to its corporate design and functional range).
  • Public domain systems or open source solutions carry financial and project-specific risks for the end customer. Mostly, services of external companies are necessary to make use of these programs and to adapt them according to their individual need. In doing so, it might happen that the financial advantage of free systems can be easily consumed by a cost-intensive adaption of functions and programs.  In addition, there are often considerable expenditures necessary to keep the individual solutions compatible with the inderlying software in case of release changes or safety-critical updates.   
  • Often a lot is invested in functions, specific features and corporate identity and it has to be started all over again with the next update. However, the responsibility  for the Fasihi Enterprise Portal  as well as the responsibility for its product-specific customization is up to us as we are the producer and service provider who offers all from one source. For each update we can guarantee an unrestricted functionality.
  • In general open source solutions don't provide any software support. If the software doesn't work correctly, enterprises will be dependent on third-party providers or on their own IT-staff in order to solve any problems. Customers of the Fasihi GmbH will profit from a professional support for the operating and support of their portal. We offer customized services to especially guarantee a maximum availability of the website and system stability  to enterprises which have largely relocated their activity onto the internet. Moreover, as a producer we are best informed  product experts and thus, we are able to optimally support users of any authorization level. 

The Fasihi Enterprise Portal is preferentially installed on Linux servers, however, it can also be installed on other operating systems.

The hosting of such a server can be done by the Fasihi GmbH in an accredited data processing center. Thus, the portal will be optimally secured, controlled and administrated.

After consultation with enterprises who have their own infrastructure, we can provide them with a hosting on their own corporate intranet. In so doing, we strive for a collaboration with local system administrators.   




Are you interested in our Software Solutions or in the Fasihi Enterprise Portal®? We look forward to you contacting us.

You reach us on:
+49 (0)621 - 5200 78-0